We are now two weeks in to New Zealand’s four week isolation period. With no previous situation like this, Immigration New Zealand has been making a number of changes. Most of these are focused on allowing New Zealand to obtain and retain the necessary staff needed in healthcare and other essential services. There has also been changes in who can enter New Zealand, who can leave, those with work visas, those who change jobs, and those who may lose their job during this period.

Announced today, all new arrivals to New Zealand will be required to quarantine or self isolate. In a new addition to the start of the video, we look at the difference.

Partner Arran Hunt goes through what has been happening with immigration in New Zealand since his last video, and how it is likely to impact hundreds of thousands of people in this country. The topics covered are

  • quarantine of all arrivals in to New Zealand
  • Status of Immigration New Zealand branches
  • Applications for visas under the essential status
  • Work visa holders looking to move to a new employer
  • Work visa holders who have lost their employment
  • Work visa holders on a shortage list
  • Skilled migrant residence visa –¬†EOI draws
  • Parent category residence visa – EOI draws
  • Recognised Seasonal Employer visas
  • Moving locations and employee protection
  • Transiting through New Zealand
  • Who can arrive into New Zealand
  • Leaving New Zealand
  • Essential domestic travel
  • Border exceptions – What are they and how to get one
  • International students – Working in healthcare
  • International students and work visa holders – working in supermarkets

Kia Kaha New Zealand. Stay safe and stay home.