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We can assist with any New Zealand visa application or issue you may have. While we list several specialities below, our experience with applications covers all visa types and almost every possible situation. Immigration will be one of the biggest life changing events of someone’s life, so it is important that expert advice is sought. Scroll down to see our specialist areas, or click Learn More to find out other areas we can assist with.

Employer Accreditation

We can assist with your application for employer accreditation status. Accreditation provides you with a way to hire staff faster, changing an application process that could take months down to one that can be managed in weeks, or even days. It also allows the employee a path to residence, allowing you to attract the highest quality applicants, and encourages them to remain within your employment. Accreditation may soon be a requirement, so get the process underway now.

PPI responses and difficult applications

Many of our clients come to us when things go wrong, when an application is about to be declined (or already has been). We can give you an honest assessment of your situation and, if possible, work with Immigration New Zealand to turn your application around. Many of our clients come to us after other professionals have told them their application wasn’t possible; we love proving them wrong.

Visas under Partnership

Many people come to New Zealand to seek a better life through employment, only to find a better life with someone they meet while here. With a recent crackdown by Immigration New Zealand on such visas, we can assist you gain a right to come to New Zealand to be with your partner, remain in New Zealand while your relationship grows, and stay in New Zealand permanently when the time is right.

Visas of all types

We can assist with any New Zealand visa application. While we have listed several applications above, we can assist with any other visa application, including appeals to the Immigration Protection Tribunal (IPT). Contact us, through the message function below, or give one of our specialist staff a call, and we’ll see how we can help you.

Investment Visas

We can assist with Investment Category 1 & 2 residence visa applications. Through our relationship with Stace Hammond, we have connections with a number of financial service providers, and can give you access to innovative investment options not available elsewhere. We can also provide you with access to legal services, commercial law advice, and tax law advice, beyond that available from other immigration law providers or immigration advisers. The legal advice sought and provided should not be limited just to immigration.

Fixed and Variable Fee Options

For many of the services we provide, a fixed price can be agreed in advance, giving you a certainty about our costs. Although some conditions do apply, we can discuss these during our initial consultation. For some clients, and on some matters, our charges can be based on the amount of time spent on a matter, allowing you to save money where possible but still retain the end result. What we can provide depends on the application type, any unusual factors with the application, and what may be best for you.

Essential Skills and Skilled Migrants

Essential Skills Work Visas and Skilled Migrant Residency Visas are often the path taken by many applicants. As it allows for an applicant to eventually gain permanent residency, and then citizenship, these are also applications that Immigration New Zealand strictly monitors. Whether you are applying with or without a family, we can assist with your application, working with Immigration New Zealand and your employer, to help you provide the correct documents, and meet Immigration New Zealand requirements.



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Work Visa Changes – Announced 17 September 2019

Work Visa Changes – Announced 17 September 2019

Changes to work visas – As announced by Immigration New Zealand on 17 September 2019 Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has finally provided some detail in their long-expected reworking of work visas. Already there are media articles showing a backlash against the changes,...

Skilled Migrant Residence Visa – Process

Skilled Migrant Residence Visa – Process

For many applicants, the Skilled MIgrant Residency Visa will be the way to gain permanent residency in New Zealand. However, for those who may have applied for a student or work visa, it can be a complicated process. It is an application which will often require legal...

Immigration terms

Immigration terms

Immigration in New Zealand is full of phrases and words. For those coming from outside of New Zealand, these might be different than those you are used to. Even for those people who have gone through immigration in New Zealand, some terms are misused and not...

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